Tips for drinking less

When you’re drinking, the best method is to go SLOW.

No one’s saying don’t drink. We’re just saying the SLOW method will help you keep on track. 

Here’s how:

Switch – Try to alternate your alcoholic and non-alcohlic drinks on a night out. Or have one or two alcohlic drinks, then switch to the soft stuff. 

Low – where possible, go low. That’s lower ABV - a 3.5% beer is better than 5% 11% wines preferable to 14%. You can drink more volume if the alcoholic strength is lower. 

is for off days – Try and have several days a week where you don’t drink. One or two non drinking days per week helps your liver and other organs recover, especially if you've been over doing it. 

W is for Water. Water is your friend - try drinking water before and definitely after alcohol. This will keep you hydrated and help you sleep better.  

We recommend using the SLOW technique to keep your drinking on the right track.

More tips to keep drinking under control

  • Make a plan before you go out drinking. Work out in advance what drink you like, and how many you can have to stay safe. The guidelines are not to exceed 14 units per week and spread your units over 3 days or more
  • Try and go for lower volumes - order a bottle of beer rather than a pint. Ask for a small glass of wine over a large one
  • Try starting to drink later in the evening, drink only with food, or make a rule not to drink on certain days of the week 

 Click here to find out how many units are in a given drink.

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Benefits of cutting Down

Once you've started cutting down, you'll see some postive benefits:

  • Better sleep - you'll feel fresher and sharper in the mornings
  • More energy - you'll find you've got a spring in your step and feel less tired in the day
  • Less weight - with fewer alcohol calories, you should find your're losing weight
  • Clearer skin - your skin won't be full of alcohol toxins, meaning a clearer complexion
  • More money - if you're spending less on alcohol, you'll have more to spend on something else!

Overall, you'll feel healthier and better for drinking a bit less. 


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